Training Materials - Excel Screencasts


Inserting Rows and Columns

Making Corrections in Cells

Auto Fill

Orientation Button

Sizing Rows and Columns

Navigation within a Spreadsheet

Title on Row 1 or as a Header/Footer

Adding Worksheets to the Workbook

Renaming Tabs in the Workbook

Changing Tab Color

Organizing Worksheets










Web Resources

To Excel in the Classroom Integration Ideas http://www.forsythcountyschools.org/its/kadkins/spreadsheet.htm

Introduction to Excel in the Classroom

Excellent site with many resources (She is in the process of revising the site, so I found a few links that did not work)

http://library.thinkquest.org/J0110054/ (Click the Classroom Activities button for a variety of ideas)

Algebraic problem solving using spreadsheets:  http://mathforum.org/workshops/sum98/participants/sinclair/problem/intro.html

Ideas for Using Excel in the Classroom:

Tutorials and Guidelines for Using Excel in the Classroom

Activities to go along with Excel (elementary grades and up)

Online Charting Resources




TIE Forms

TIE Completion Form

A TIE Completion Form




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